Allocate Space

The only all-encompassing platform property developers need, Allocate Space is a centralised property management system that digitally facilitates the usage and/or management of a property's parking space, facilities (i.e. meeting rooms or recreational areas), assets (i.e. small to large items in a space) and also the maintenance of the property.

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  • 1. PARKING
  • 3. ASSETS
  • Users decide to reserve a parking lot before driving to the building's carpark

  • Upon successful reservation, users are guided to the specific location of the parking lot 

  • For vehicle retrieval, the platform is also able to guide user from lift lobby to parking lot

  • Property management is able to manage carpark lots easily by cordoning off special lots for events and also gain insights on capark utilization on any day or time

  • Property managers are able to digitally control facilities via IoT devices with the support of Allocate Space

  • From a list of available facilities on the platform (i.e. meeting rooms, BBQ pits, recreational rooms, futsal courts, etc), users are able to request for facility reservation at their preferred time slot

  • Almost simultaneously, property managers are notified of the request and can grant access to the user for the specific facility at the appointed time

  • Allocate Space enables property managers to monitor the usage of facilities in terms of water and energy consumption, as well as gain insights on facility utilisation such as popular facilities or hot timings when facilities get booked

  • The platform provides a digital checklist to keep track all the assets and equipment available in each facility
  • The same digital checklist can be used to record the working conditions of each equipment and asset. Those that are faulty, old or missing will be recorded systematically
  • The platform aids in the restock and purchase process of missing or broken equipment by making it easier and faster. This enables the property to provide quality assets and equipment at their facilities 
  • For property managers, the platform can be integrated with existing building and energy management systems so if a fault is detected or if maintenance is scheduled, appropriate stakeholders will be automatically notified
  • What used to be a tedious process has now become hassle-free and convenient when contractors involved in the maintenance of the property churn out maintenance reports as Allocate Space is able to serve as their digital workspace
  • Allocate Space for maintenance enables contractors to capture images of assets they are working on these images can then be transferred onto a report template which can be generated and sent to property management on the spot




CapitaLand's long-standing partnership with us enabled our team to be a part of Funan's 3-year redevelopment. With the aims of bringing innovative and experiential retail therapy to its visitors, Funan is highly digitalised from its basement carpark facilities to rooftop amenities. 

With the digital smarts of Allocate Space, Funan's carpark has brought countless benefits to drivers and property managers. Unlike other carpark facilities, drivers of Funan are able to shorten their parking process from finding a suitable parking lot to car retrieval. 

One of the most complained aspect of shopping malls, carparks rarely give visitors a good impression. With the digitalisation of lot reservation, visitors can have a peace of mind and might even look forward to visiting or parking at the mall/building. This has also more importantly opened up new revenue channels for property managers with one of the possbiilities being giving lots varying price values.


Going to the gym with The Gym Pod gives users the ultimate digital control over the time and place. Sure there are 24/7 gyms around, but those come with a hefty pricetag and with little privacy.

Being container-sized, the gym only allows 2-3 people at a time, no more feelings of awkwardness or feeling the need to be constantly gracious with equipment-use. To reserve the gym facility, users engage with The Gym Pod mobile application and simply select the closest Gym Pod in the vicinity or preferred area. From a list of avaiable timeslots alike to purchasing cinema tickets, a workout timeslot is secured. The Gym Pod can only be opened when the reserved timeslot has arrived, giving the user exclusive access. 


Focused on convenient food, Storepod brings to-go food for people at any time of the day. No convenience store deserves the allocade unless they are open and available 24/7. What differentiates Storepod from any other convenience store is that it is 24/7 unmanned. This saves on employee costs as well as eliminates the danger factor of employees working the graveyard shift. 

Being entirely digitalised, food prices are automated based on dynamic pricing. This means that the decision on pricing becomes an easy and manageable aspect of the business, satisfying both consumers and businesses. 


Involved in heavy construction and civil engineering, this sector in the engineering industry rarely gets a good rep for being digitalised. More often than not, the work process of engineers and contractors tend to be tedious and filled with challenges especially when workers have to work remotely and have no access to essential work files.

With Allocate Space Maintenance, both the management and employees of Gim Tian have been able to shorten and be more efficient at their work processes in terms of churning out detailed progress reports in shorter times. The digital platform of Allocate Space Maintenance supports the capturing of images supported with text description as part of the report. Workers are able to generate reports on-the-go and submit for management review on the spot. 



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