Allocate Space

Allocate Space is a centralised asset management system that digitally facilitates the management and usage of property and assets. Some examples in which Allocate Space have and can flourish is in carpark lot reservation, meeting space reservation or the maintenance of assets through photo-reporting.



Absence of centralised system to organise the allocation of assets within a property or organisation. Example: the miscommunication and double booking of meeting rooms are common but inconveniently unneeded. 



Lack of digital systems that have multiple functions and provide information for both front and back-end users in real time.  


Maintenance of property and assets is a time-consuming and tedious process. There is also a lack of ease and emphasis in recording and being accountable for asset maintenance.



Allocate Space was created to address the above few common challenges. With Allocate Space, property managers are able to be on top of space allocation and asset maintenance. It is a multi-function platform that allows management to designate space in accordance to certain factors such as availability and price. 


At the same time, no inviting or successful property should allow the upgrading and maintenance of their assets take the backseat. Allocate Space allows the maintenance of assets to be done with ease as well.


The flexibility of Allocate Space enables it to be integrated seamlessly to your needs. It works as a sole-standing platform or system, or it could also be integrated into the current digital platform or mobile application that you already have.


  • More Satisfied Customers
  • More Management Options
  • Increased Security
  • Reduces congestion in the carpark with reduced number of cars waiting for limited number of lots
  • Reduces time wasted waiting around the carpark finding an empty spot as well as time spent walking around the carpark during car retrieval.
  • Car parking being made a breeze creates a pleasant start for drivers, encouraging them to utilise the building’s services again in the future


  • Enables the integration with existing shopping mall apps or malls’ reward system. For example, users are able to exchange reward points or spending points for a complimentary parking ticket, increasing customers’ spend and reducing the queue at automated machines or manual counters to redeem parking coupons.
  • Easy management of privileged or reserved carpark lots via the backend content management system - At any point in time, the mall has the authority to increase or decrease the number of privileged or reserved lots, depending on the time of need. This is especially useful for important events that happen at the mall.
  • Has an image recognition feature that is able to identify cars parked in wrong lots. The system is able to utilise the integrated capabilities of the camera and alarm to recognise specific car plate numbers. Should there be a mismatch, an alarm will sound, notifying the relevant group of people. This in turn reduces the need for security guard patrols at irrelevant timings.



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