Augmented Reality Development

Augmented Reality is a major part of Massive Infinity’s DNA. We have an unbeatable track record of developing apps that challenge, engage and impress.

Singapore Based Award-Winning AR Developers

Known as one of the leading developers of Augmented Reality in Singapore, our talented team at Massive Infinity can enable you to capitalise on this impressive technology. Once thought of as something that solely belongs to science fiction fantasy, augmented reality has now found its existence in smartphone and practical technologies, connecting users between their online and offline worlds.

Three major kinds of augmented reality apps:

  • Education
  • Games
  • Navigation

The future of learning depends on high interactivity from rich forms of medium and augmented reality can be used to seamlessly add another virtual dimension to the real-life experience. This new layer of engagement enables all types of learners to learn better.

Augmented reality technology is finally giving life to the dreams of gamers, which is to play and engage with the world around them beyond device screens. The intensity of fun increases multifold when AR is used to bring like-minded gamers together.

Augmented reality is slowly becoming an indispensable tool in modern navigation. Augmenting our realities with virtual elements, we can enjoy more accurate and easy navigation than GPS as we go on adventures.


Changi Airport Group Tour

CLIENT: Changi Airport Group

SCOPE: Augmented Reality

Mediacorp DJ Booth

CLIENT: Mediacorp

SCOPE: Interactive Media

Indian Heritage Centre

CLIENT: Indian Heritage Centre

SCOPE: Interactive Media


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