Gamify Space

Gamify Space is a hyper-casual game management platform that enables users to independently gamify their existing rewards programmes according to the unique needs of each specific marketing campaign.



Different marketing campaigns that run throughout the year usually calls for something different each time. The rise of gamification has made game development time-consuming and expensive when various games are developed specially for certain events.




Absence of readily available games limits campaign planning and rewards management, which are important features of businesses for customer relationship management in today’s competitive landscape.



Multiple gamification development means more planning is needed, hence more time taken out of daily workflows and hence more costs involved.




Based on the requirements and specifications of each respective campaign, users are able to utilise templates to build hyper-casual games. Customization is permitted to enable the game to embody important accents such as thei company’s brand logos, colours, campaign-specific designs, etc. 


Campaign managers are also able to control the launch and end of the various games. During the time that the game is live, collecting data from game usage is also made possible. A backend management system would be able to turn data into valuable information, providing analytics to businesses. This enables brands and businesses to manage customer relationships and improve their rewards programmes. 


  • Highly Customizable
  • Multi-functional
  • Live Support
  • Gamify Space allows for flexible UI/UX Game Design and Logic. Old game designs and logic will not have to be reused and can be customised according to campaign. This is made possible with the templates made available from the extensive asset library.


  • This enables the development process to be cost effective as it eliminates the need for a new designer, developer and project manager each time a new campaign game is launched.
  • The game produced via Gamify Space can also function on multiple platforms, from your mobile devices to interactive kiosks.


  • If you have an existing mobile app, games from Gamify Space can also be integrated using our SDKs (JS/iOS, Android) and with 3rd Party REST APIs. An existing reward system can also be integrated with the gamification, providing a seamless, hassle-free experience for users to redeem rewards.
  • Better management of reward programmes and prediction of consumer behaviour with game analytics. Information analysed from data collected via games can be used to improve the game or future launch of game.


  • The team at Massive Infinity is also able to provide live campaign support to ensure that everything is running smoothly for a stellar campaign to happen. Our technical professionals will be able to troubleshoot and fix issues on the spot. 


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