Proficient Space

Proficient Space is a training and learning solution that allows companies to design their own training regime. This customisable solution enables participants to develop the necessary professional skills that can value-add to their individual career journeys in their workplaces. Massive Infinity is proud to have worked with MNCs such as 4Fingers with training solutions that fit their business needs.



Difficult to find learning and development solutions that can perfectly fit the needs of the organization.


Creating a training and learning system from scratch with a developer can be time-consuming and cost ineffective.


Conveying the training system you have in mind to a developer may be difficult at times, and the end-product may not be 100% no matter the amount of iterations done during development.



Proficient Space enables the management team to design and customise online lesson plans according to the goals and needs of the organization. Once launched, the training programmes would also enable the management to gather insights about users’ learning behaviours and progress as they complete each lesson and objective. These can be accessed via a backend content management system. As with a physical learning environment, a digital training solution mimics it similarly and enables the management to set up value-adding features such as discussion forums, open-quizzes, chatroom, etc for mutual learning and discussion.



  • Highly Customisable
  • Centralised App
  • Peer Review & Analytics
  • Working with modules, Proficient Space does not diminish users’ freedom to customise learning content according to organisational needs. Proficient Space gives rise to the possibilities of customising training content in the form of various medias such as text, images, videos, PDFs, and even different languages.
  • With our experience working with various companies on training and development solutions, the team is able to listen to your business needs and goals and recommend related course features based on the variety of job scopes and industries. Working with us can mean that we are able to recommend materials and lesson types curated by us based on a variety of training categories.
  • Proficient Space is also a centralised app. This means that it has the capabilities to synchronise all the training dates and lessons available, assigned to or registered by users and facilitators. Now there won’t ever be no-shows just because someone did not get the memo.
  • A Peer Review system can also be set up on the platform, which acts as an important bridge between employees, managers and directors to exchange constructive feedback to better the organisation and workplace culture. This diminishes the fear of awkwardness or speaking up truthfully about certain topics in real life.
  • As with any digital solution, the option of adding on the extra feature of User Analytics is made possible. User Analytics provide insights that physical data collection cannot achieve, especially if the training programme is conducted on a large scale worldwide. 


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