Rapport is a Photo Reporting System on web and Android which compiles paperless reports for civil engineering, public works and maintenance inspections while saving time and costs.


In three simple steps, Rapport can generate your report professionally from your worksite inspection. Also, at your fingertips, you will have immediate retrieval of any reports from the report repository Rapport condenses the long, manual processes of photo-reporting, reducing 80% of the usual time-taken and 50% of your costs. With this increase in productivity and benefits, you can further value-add to other more important areas of your work life. Rapport has a simple and easy to use user interface so generating and managing your reports can be on-the-go, hassle-free, error-free and organised. The offline mode also enables professionals to utilise the app underground or in tunnels even if WIFI or data service is unavailable.


We Know What You Need

Photo-reporting is a long, tedious process from the image capturing stage to generating and printing the report. All these manual steps are time-consuming, unproductive and contribute to the ever-growing unorganised mountain of reports. 


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