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In our tech-fuelled future, Massive Infinity can be your partner by creating immersive, extraordinary virtual reality apps.

Virtual Reality Development in Singapore

Having a team of accomplished and well-versed developers at Massive Infinity means we can create exciting virtual reality apps that connect the offline and online worlds for our clients. We have previously worked on virtual reality apps on VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear, but we are happy to extend our capabilities to suit your needs and the fast-growing list of headsets available out there.


At Massive Infinity, we see the exciting potential of virtual reality aiding and dominating various aspects of life. This high-performing technology can give rise to compelling and transformative sensorial experiences beyond what one can imagine in education, gaming, healthcare, manufacturing and many more.

Virtual Reality For A Better Future

  • Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Education & Training
When it comes to gaming, virtual reality can transform your game-play environment to be as close as possible to real-life. If you’re thinking of evolving a concept into a VR game, Massive Infinity wants to be a part of this amazing working experience with you.
An integral part of our lives, healthcare can be lifted higher with virtual reality technology. For example, VR allows healthcare professionals to learn and practice new skills, such as surgery, in a controlled and safe simulated environment. VR also eradicates the need for invasive procedures or surgery, tremendously improving the quality and standard of healthcare.
Imagine trying to train and prepare a large group of employees on how to react in a disaster situation such as a power plant reactor meltdown or explosion. Virtual Reality makes it possible to simulate such disaster environments and scenarios before our eyes such that realistic thoughts and emotions can be evoked. Similarly, for other education or training programmes, VR adds a sensorial, three-dimensional touch to them which supplements the learning process indispensably.


Changi Airport Group Tour

CLIENT: Changi Airport Group

SCOPE: Augmented Reality


CLIENT: Baxters International (Art) Limited

SCOPE: Augmented Reality

Mediacorp DJ Booth

CLIENT: Mediacorp

SCOPE: Interactive Media


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